Monday, June 24, 2013

Tofino Pajama Party

It's a Pyjama Party!

Happy Pyjama Party! (I feel so British typing it like that...isn't it wierd how some words are spelled differently between British and American English?)

Anyway, this is the first time I've joined in on a sewalong and actually completed my project for the deadline, and I was soooo excited. And then I went to bed, slept in my brand spanking new pajamas, and neglected to photograph or blog them for a few days. Some blogger I am. 

So, even though its a bit late, here I am for Karen's Pyjama Party. I used the new Tofino pattern from Sewaholic, and though I was a little nonplussed at first, I reminded myself how I habitually wear the same two pairs of strikingly similar pajama pants, and how it would be a really great stashbuster if I could make some new coordinating sets out of my renfrew and tofino patterns, so I bought it, and whipped these puppies up in a couple days. Strangely, its always been a goal of mine to have all matching pj sets, along with matching silverware sets and hotel quality linens. So, check one off my nerdy housewife list!

These pants were super easy to make, and the piping keeps them interesting. Of course, I neglected to think about how my store bought piping was narrower than the seam allowance, which made the already roomy pants even bigger...(if I had followed along with Karen properly I would have known) so I had to create an extension at the back to take in the extra room. But even with that snafu, they went together wonderfully, and I even got to use some petersham ribbon from my stash for the bow. I was able to squeeze these out of 1.75 yards of 45 in quilting cotton I bought long ago, mostly due to my height (63 in) and use of storebought piping and ribbon belt. Since I am so short, its always an impossibility to find pj pants that aren't way way way too long, so it was a real revelation to be able to walk around outside without having to hike them up!

I'm looking forward to making hte shorts version next in some lovely cotton lawn, but I need to find a contrast for the sides, as I only have 1 yard of that.

Thanks Karen for hosting the pajama party!