Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Welcome to my sewing blog!

I've decided to start this blog to chronicle my adventures in sewing, track my progress, and keep myself accountable for all the fabric and patterns I buy.

Me at my sewing table, probably looking up an internet tutorial on how to make something... Thank goodness for the internet!
Of course, its not all for me, I selfishly hope that maybe people will find their way here and read it, maybe even leave a comment or suggestion or two. Maybe that'll just be my family, or maybe I'll hit the big time and get sponsored by Mood and Burdastyle! A girl can dream....

Anyway, a little about myself. I'm a modern girl turned stay at home mom who always swore she would never do something as domestic as sewing my own clothes....but then one day, outraged at the price of wetbags and encouraged by pinterest I decided to sew my own zippered. wetbag. Using PUL. On my mom's old vintage singer sewing machine. That nobody knew how to thread.

Miraculously, I threaded the thing, got the slippery/sticky fabric cut and pinned together, and installed my first invisible zipper thanks to several Internet tutorials and lots of seam ripping. Noticing this strange but positive change in her daughter, my mom bought me my most used tool- a surgical seam ripper.

Buoyed by my "success" (the wetbag did indeed keep the yucky diaper smell at bay while out on the road, which was the point) I decided to sew up some shorts for my boys using a thrifted men's shirt. Did I mention I have two crazy, lovable 2.5 year old twin boys? I do. They're the light of my life. Anyway, I managed to squeeze out the shorts, and though they were questionable at best, I figured I could keep sewing for the boys, cause they're so darn cute they make everything look good.

Oliver and S shorts in "Car fabric" for the boys. One of my first "real" patterns.
 Tip: Put cars on anything and it doubles the likelihood of it getting worn by a toddler boy.
Raw Edge Raglan, Patterns by Figgys. The armholes were so tight they cut off his circulation, but he wore it  anyway cause "mommy made it". 
But sew for myself? Never.

Okay, I changed my mind on that one too.  A couple months later I negotiated/begged my way into a serger and a new sewing machine (I love my Laura Ashley Innovis NX 2000 and Brother 1034 D), and I recently talked my mom into getting me a coverstitch for Christmas (Janome Coverpro 100CPX).

So basically, now I'm my own sweatshop.

Sewing for myself (and my now neglected husband and children) gives me a great challenge, sense of pride, and accomplishment as well as some much needed time for myself.

I'm still a noob, and have only been sewing for a year. I haven't counted the articles of clothing I've sewn, but I've averaged 1-2 garments a week, so I'd guess thats about 50 things in the last year. Wow! My goal for this year is to focus more on fit and quality construction, and to take the time to make some wearable but slightly more complicated pieces. 

So, all that to introduce myself and say Welcome! Please feel free to comment (constructively, I'm sensitive!) and enjoy!

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